Russian Ballet Quiz

29 December 2020 20:00
Russian ballet is famous worldwide with ‘porcelain’ ballerinas and their strong and refined partners. Want to check your knowledge of this art form? Try out our quiz. If you’re unsure about anything or want to know more, our free documentaries on Russian ballet might help.
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    Let’s start from the beginning. What is the average age of applicants to a ballet Academy?
    • 3-5
      incorrect. Children are too small to live by themselves and also not skilled enough. Usually at this age they start to attend a dance or gymnastic class.
    • 9-11
    • 18-20
      incorrect. At this age they’re already working full-time as professional ballet dancers
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    How hard is it to get to the Vaganova Academy? How many children are trying out for each place?
    • It’s very hard and strict.
      Correct. Only 60 applicants of approximately 300 can pass the auditions.
    • Not hard at all. Everybody is accepted if they submit their documents on time and can dance
      incorrect. applicants have to audition and get recommended by a jury
    • There’s no competition, people pay and get into the Academy
      incorrect. Even getting a place on a paid basis requires hard work
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    Do you have to be Russian to get accepted into the Academy?

    • Yes, it is necessary!
      Incorrect. Talented children from any country audition.
    • No, as long as you’re talented it doesn’t matter
    • Depends on the county where you were born
      Incorrect. Art has no place in politics. Only talent and abilities matter here
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    How do boys study at the Vaganova Academy?
    • There are separate special classes for boys.
    • Boys study with girls
      Incorrect. There are female and male classes
    • There are no male students at the Academy
      Incorrect. Yes, there are significantly more girls at the Academy, but boys do study there as well
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    Do children take part in theatrical performances along with professional ballet dancers?
    • No, they have to study first.
      Incorrect. If tutors consider a child to be talented and skilled enough, they get a chance to perform with grown-ups.
    • Yes, they do.
      Correct. They have to be chosen by their teachers and succeed in auditions
    • Only from the age of 14
      Incorrect. If a child is experienced and skilful enough they might perform as young as 10.
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    Is it possible to be kicked out of the Academy?
    • No way! If you entered once, you would study till the end.
      Incorrect. There are many reasons why students leave school while studying.
    • A person might be excluded from the Academy if they miss three ballet classes in a row
      Incorrect. The rules are strict but not that strict.
    • Students may leave the Academy due to serious injuries
      Correct. Also, it may be done per their own decision or if the professors stop seeing patience and talent in them.
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    And now let’s move on to adult life. How many primas can be in a company?

    • Only one
      Correct. Some people even say that a prima is born once a decade
    • Up to three. It depends on how many people perform Odette’s part in the Swan Lake
      Incorrect. There can be as many soloists as needed but only one prima
    • Two. It’s impossible to imagine a ballet troupe without competition.
      incorrect. Being prima is not about competing with the others it is about having qualities and abilities that no one else has.
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    Some companies tend to go on tour at least once a year. So do you know what their schedule is like?
    • They usually spend about three days in one town to tour around
      Incorrect. The schedule is way more challenging
    • They have one city one day
      Correct. Dancers have to sleep and rest in the tour bus.
    • They usually perform in one town or city for a week and then move to another.
      Incorrect. Companies may have one or two shows in the same locality
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    Now let’s check your knowledge of terminology. Everybody knows most ballet terminology comes from French, but what is the other “ballet language”?
    • English
      Incorrect. Ballet terminology was created way before times of ubiquitous usage of English.
    • Russian
      Incorrect. Even though Russian ballet is one of the best ballet in the world, Russians use French terminology
    • Italian
      Correct. Not only Italian is close to French it is also close to art
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    What does a ballerina do when she does Pas de Poisson (a fish jump)?
    • Jumps from one leg to the other with the leg thrown back
    • Jumps on two legs, at the moment changes the position of legs in the air
      Incorrect. it is pas echappe.
    • Falls on the ground and pretends like she is swimming
      Incorrect. It is possible at some performances but this term does not describe that action.
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    If you watched our documentaries, you could see companies perform different types of ballets. Which ballet is considered modern?
    • Swan Lake
      Incorrect. You’d better be kidding. It is the most classical ballet ever.
    • Ruslan and Ludmila
      Incorrect. It is a theatrical classic as it’s been performed for almost two centuries.
    • The last tango
      Correct. This show was created by Russian choreographer and dancer Vyacheslav Gordeev in 1996 and was reinterpreted in 2014.
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    Well, looks like your ballet knowledge stops at The Dance of the Little Swans. Watch our documentaries to find out more about this beautiful dance!

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    Well done! You are close to being an expert, but some “missed steps” on your part. To learn more, you can enrol in a ballet class or watch more of our ballet documentaries!

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    Bravo! You are prima of this test!

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