To tea or not to tea? How well do you know Chinese tea culture?

08 December 2020 20:55
Chinese tea culture is indisputably unique. It has a rich history tied in with Chinese art, literature and religion. Tea, in Chinese history, is a drink to refresh and make the mind calm. In eastern religions, tea is a major part of many ceremonies and is considered a very important drink. Does all this information look familiar to you? Well, try our quiz! Let’s see if your knowledge can beat what we have in store for you! Good luck!

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    When was tea first mentioned in Chinese history?
    • Around 5,000 years ago
      Correct! The history of tea in China dates back to ancient times! Legend has it that in 2737 B.C. Emperor Shen Nung discovered tea when some leaves flew from a wild tree into his pot of boiling water.
    • Around 2,000 years ago
      Incorrect! Tea in China was already long discovered by that time.
    • Never! Tea doesn’t exist! It’s all a conspiracy!
      Incorrect! Well, maybe....
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    What other ways is tea used in China other than drinking?
    • It’s also used as a construction material
      Incorrect! But an interesting idea….
    • It’s also used as clothing
      Incorrect! And don’t even think about it…!
    • It’s used in traditional medicine
      Correct! In ancient China, before the 8th century B.C., tea was mostly used as medicine. The most common tea plant in China now is the Camellia Sinensis.
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    According to Chinese tea customs, for what purpose is tea sometimes served by children to their parents?
    • To see whether the tea is poisoned or not
      Incorrect! That would be just cruel! This is something straight out of a detective novel!
    • As an act of apology
      Correct! When children want to make a formal apology to their parents, they sometimes serve them tea.
    • When it’s time for parents to move out of the house
      Incorrect! Such a custom is definitely not a part of Chinese tea culture.
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    What is pu-erh?
    • A particular type of cup, in which tea is served in
      Incorrect! A traditional Chinese teacup is called a ‘gaiwan’.
    • A type of Chinese tea
      Correct! It is a type of fermented Chinese tea traditionally made in the Yunnan Province of China. It has lots of positive effects on one’s health, but also has a lot of caffeine, so you might want to be careful drinking too much of it.
    • A Chinese attack helicopter
      Incorrect! What a twist it would be if it were correct!
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    How are you expected to drink tea in China when visiting someone?
    • Sitting down and having a chat
      Correct! A visitor is expected to sit down with the host and enjoy tea while having a friendly conversation.
    • Drinking while standing up quietly
      Incorrect! That is considered to be disrespectful.
    • Chugging a whole cup down and screaming because it was scalding hot
      Incorrect! That would be rude, not to mention painful.
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    Which of the following is a type of Chinese tea?
    • Oolong tea
      Correct! This is a traditional Chinese tea that has a long spectre of tastes. It has special effects on one’s health.
    • Darjeeling tea
      Incorrect! This is an Indian variety of tea with a unique, light taste.
    • What do you mean “tea”?! I already said it’s all a conspiracy!
      Incorrect! Our agents will now contact you for questioning….
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    Can drinking tea be dangerous to your health?
    • Of course not! Tea isn’t the danger! I am the danger!
      Incorrect! But still, please, don’t hurt me….
    • Yes, it can
      Correct! As with everything, you shouldn’t overdrink tea! It can have lasting effects on your health.
    • Who cares? It’s delicious!
      Incorrect! Drinking tea is as delicious, as it can be dangerous! But as long as you don’t overdrink it, you’ll be fine.
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    What place does tea rank in most consumed beverages in China?
    • First
      Incorrect! First drunk beverage around the world, including China, is water.
    • Second
      Correct! It’s not only the second most consumed beverage after water, but also is China’s oldest exported product. China remains the largest exporter of tea to this day.
    • Somewhere in the middle…, oh, no wait, probably like 21st place?
      Incorrect! It would help if you stayed away from roulette in casinos….
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    You could do way better! But don’t be upset, we all have to start somewhere! To find out more about Chinese tea culture, watch our film Hello China!
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    Your knowledge is impressive! Still, - practice makes perfect, or so they say. You should watch our movie Hello China to learn more about Chinese tea culture!
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    Wow, you’re good! A tea genius…. But remember, there’s no limit to perfection! Watch our movie Hello China to get even more accustomed to the Chinese tea culture!
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