Dreams shattered by austerity in RTD’s Financial Crisis documentaries

The domino effect of the financial crisis that began in the US more than a decade ago could never have been imagined. The tsunami of the banking crisis around the world is still being felt 10 years on. America, Asia and Europe were engulfed in the financial debacle. Greece was one of the countries hardest hit, and the effect on its people is examined in the documentary The Greek Depression. The financial crisis led to austerity measures the Greek people never imagined, with a shrinking economy, record unemployment, and reduced social security. For many, there was no way out. While a few people committed suicide, the talented young left the country in their droves to find work and a brighter future elsewhere.

A similar story is seen in Ukraine, where thousands were given work permits by Poland to take up menial jobs at the bottom of the pile. However, the promise of a better life turned sour as many found themselves in virtual slavery. The documentary EU for U looks at the plight of these economic migrants caught up in a system they cannot leave.

Financial crisis documentaries