Modern genocide and its aftermath explored in RTD’s Rwanda documentaries

It’s a quarter of a century since the tiny African country of Rwanda turned into a blood bath. Over a hundred days, a million people were slaughtered in sectarian violence that shocked the world. The tribal animosity between the Hutu and Tutsi has subsided over time, thanks to the healing that RTD explores in two Rwanda documentaries. In Rwanda: Women in Charge, we discover how the healing process was largely due to the women left after the country’s genocide. The majority of those killed were men so it was left to the women to pick up the pieces and pull Rwanda back together. As a microcosm of the reconciliation that is going on Rwanda, young Hutu and Tutsi girls are learning to dance together. Rwanda Pirouette paints an uplifting picture with young girls taking their first steps in ballet class. The tribal divide that once split a nation and led to such carnage is a distant memory, and the future Rwanda is epitomised by the young ballerinas taking pride in dancing together.

Rwanda documentaries
A still from Rwanda Pirouette