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Erick’s List: Dagestan, land of mountains

Russia’s southernmost region - a hot new tourist destination

Dagestan - Russia’s most multi-ethnic region that speaks 13 official languages - is now experiencing a surge in popularity as a hot new tourist destination. The republic known as the land of the brave Caucasian warriors has a lot to offer apart from its storied past: mind-blowing mountain ranges and canyons, the Caspian Sea shore, ancient architectural sites, local crafts and traditional arts are gradually putting this largely undiscovered part of Russia on the travel map. Derbent – the city as old as Rome, the Kubachi village’s famous silversmith dynasties, the abandoned settlement of Gamsutl, known as the Russian “Machu Picchu”, are just a few destinations that made it on the “Erick’s List” – a TV show hosted by Erick Fonseca Zárate exploring various aspects of life in Russia.