4 Most moving ambulance documentaries

RTD’s ambulance documentaries ride with along with paramedics going beyond the call of duty in extreme situations. Some are volunteers saving the lives of those caught up in gang-related crime in El Salvador. Others fly helicopters in blizzards to bring the essential medical care that enables herders to continue to live a nomadic lifestyle in Russia’s Arctic regions, or rescue those on the frontline of the military conflict in the Donbass region.

Ambulance documentaries
In the Yamal Peninsula of Russia’s Far North, expectant mothers can continue to live like their nomadic ancestors but still get lifesaving medical care thanks to the heroic air ambulance crews.

RTD’s ambulance documentaries aren’t just about emergency situations: they also accompany terminally ill patients and their helpers on one last poignant outing to taste life, and love, to the full, with the Dutch Ambulance Wish Foundation.