3 must-watch Kenya documentaries that pack a punch

RTD’s Kenya documentaries highlight the fighting spirit of Kenyan people, as they grapple with poverty, ignorance and exploitation. Here are our top three:

1. Granny Fight Club

In one of the most poverty-stricken slums in Kenya’s capital, elderly women are increasingly preyed upon by young men who believe that raping them can cure HIV. Things are starting to change, however. This film takes you to a surprising Nairobi fight. It teaches self-defence techniques to elderly women. As a result, victims can thwart predators, and start to venture outside again.

2. Sold Out Slaves

Child prostitution in Kenya has reached a shocking level. Extreme poverty and sex tourism lead to the sexual exploitation of children on a massive scale. In this film, RTD investigates what is being done about the problem and who profits from it.

3. Migingo: The Iron-Clad Island

Tiny Migingo is one of the most densely-populated islands in the world. In the middle of Lake Victoria, it’s home to Ugandan and Kenyan fishermen and their families. RTD’s Peter Scott pays a visit to find out how more than a thousand people live in corrugated iron shacks on a rock half the size of a football pitch.

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