Shamanism Documentaries

Shamanism documentaries on RTD delve into the spirit world of Siberian shamanism. Shamans beat on animal-skin drums and let ancestral spirits enter their bodies to heal, ward off evil spirits, and advise on important decisions. Shamanism documentaries follow these potent mediators between our world and the spiritual one, as they perform their sacred rituals and talk about their calling.

Documentaries about Siberian Shamanism
A Buryat shaman dressed in a traditional robe with a headdress covering his face pounds on an animal-skin drum during a rite of passage for a novice shaman in his village.

Find out more about Shamanism in the Republic of Buryatia, where shamanic traditions and Buddhism have intertwined, or meet a shaman who combines his spiritual job with a passion for electronic music. Or, you can witness a rite of passage for a novice shaman called by ancestors to take on a new role.