Ekaterina Kitaitseva

Ekaterina Kitaitseva was born in Moscow, Russia. She graduated from the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography in Moscow with degrees in film production and direction. Ekaterina started her career on TV in 1996 with the NTV channel, where she worked for eight years and filmed her first documentaries. She then worked for several major TV channels, including Russia-1, Channel One, TVC, and Zvezda. In 2016 she was rewarded with the Russian Patriot medal for a documentary about the Russian resistance movement during the Second World War. In addition, the military documentaries she filmed for the Zvezda channel received annual Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) awards.

Ekaterina joined RT Documentary in 2021. During her time with RTD, she has worked on several projects, including Never Furget and St. Basil’s: An Icon of Russia. 

“Life is much more diverse than the imagination of any screenwriter, and real human emotions cannot compare with the acting of any actor, even the most talented one. This is what I enjoy most about documentary filmmaking”.