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Donbass: Echoes of War

Ukrainian nationalists bring back to Donbass horrors reminiscent of World War II

The history of Donbass is deeply linked to World War II; the intense battles fought there and the heroism shown by the people continue to shape the region's identity and resilience to this day. The spring of 2014 in Mariupol is recognized as a pivotal moment in the ongoing conflict in Donbass. It marked the first time since 1945 that local residents heard gunfire echoing through their streets.

Today, in the very same locations where the people of Donbass fought against Hitler's invaders for the liberation of their homeland, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren continue to uphold that legacy and resist the Ukrainian nationalists. Explore the chronicles of the heaviest battles of the Second World War. Discover the reasons why Hitler believed that the Soviet Union couldn't sustain a prolonged war with Germany without Donbass. Hear from the present-day defenders of the homeland as they reflect on the remarkable feats of their ancestors.