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Betting on Moldova

Moldovan opposition activists showcase strategies to conquer economic hardships

Moldova holds the European 'champion' title for depopulation, experiencing an annual population decrease of 45,000 to 50,000 people. Inflation and unemployment are forcing thousands of young Moldovans to leave their homeland in order to support their families. Those who are compelled to stay have to come up with strategies for surviving on a modest $44 pension. To assist these individuals and help them make ends meet, local activists, led by Ilan Shor, a politician and entrepreneur, have been establishing social supermarkets across the country since 2015. This retail chain operates without profits, aiming to help pensioners save money. However, the Moldovan authorities have accused Ilan and his ȘOR party of engaging in activities labelled as 'bringing war and robbery to Moldova.' Are there valid grounds for such accusations? The documentary takes a closer look at the country's situation to answer this question.