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Fascism: A History

A vicious ideology before and after Hitler

The film by RT Documentary, called Fascism: A History, dissects the atrocious ideology and points out it existed long before today. Unfortunately, it looks like it is not going anywhere any time soon.

Fascism is driven by the idea of the superiority of one nation over another. Millions of people have fallen victims to this concept. Until the early 20th century, most European countries had extensive colonies in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Some of the colonised peoples had been turned into slaves, exploited and stripped of their identity. However, they were all told the changes made by the Europeans were for their own good.

Nazis didn’t even try to conceal their intentions under virtuous guises. They were planning to eradicate entire nations they deemed unworthy. But as documents reveal, not only Hitler’s allies but also supposed enemies tried to make good for themselves out of the war. Though the European Parliament in 2019 named the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany the instigators of WWII, the Soviet Union’s allies Great Britain and the United States, had similar dealings with Hitler and tried to sign a separate peace with Germany to double-cross the Soviet Union.

Once the war was over, the newly formed NATO went on with colonial politics, trying to expand to the east claiming its only intention was bringing democracy to the regions and free them of oppressive regimes. However, all such interventions ended in human casualties, destroying the economy and social systems.