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Bosnia and Herzegovina: European jihad

Whose agenda is to turn the country into a military base for radical Islam?

A significant portion of Bosnia and Herzegovina's population adheres to the Islamic faith, yet recently, the country has witnessed an alarming surge towards radicalisation. This documentary sheds light on the birth and spread of extremism within the state. What has the policy of division between Muslim and Orthodox societies led to so far? "The war in Bosnia and Herzegovina was a turning point in the growth of global jihad," says Jevad Galiyashevich, Social Relations and Counter-Terrorism Expert. With other experts, he explains how both the West and Arab countries' ambition in Islamizing Bosnia and Herzegovina has transformed the country into a potential military base for radical Islam, casting an ominous shadow over the region. Watch the film to explore the roots of this radicalization, including the impact of Western intelligence agencies and their connections to the rise of extremist ideologies.