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Bosnia and Herzegovina: European jihad

Whose agenda is to turn the country into a military base for radical Islam?

Despite living peacefully in one country for decades, Bosnia and Herzegovina witnessed a deadly conflict in 1992, as Bosnian Muslims and Orthodox Serbs clashed. Over 100,000 perished, and many were displaced. To this day, the consequences of the tragedy seem to have not been overcome. More and more Serbs voiced their concerns, worried by the growing radicalisation in Sarajevo over the past years. "What worries us is the total radicalisation of Bosniak youth, which often shows itself on social networks and other media platforms. They promote a narrative that encourages the killing of Serbs, and talk about the need to create an Islamic state, in which non-believers will be targets", says Milorad Kojić, Director of Republic Centre for War and War Crimes Investigations and Search for Missing Persons. Who is behind the cultivation of this radical ideology in the country?