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Bosnia: Victims of Jihad

Serb victims of the Bosnian genocide speak up

In 1991, Yugoslavia disintegrated in a brutal civil war, eventually hijacked by Islamists seeking to expand Muslim territory from Sarajevo to Iran. Ninko Durić, a journalist and former Mujahideen prisoner, remembers that the divide along ethnic lines was unforeseen, because Serbs and Bosnian Muslims had always lived peacefully together as neighbours. The Serbs had paid no attention to a growing jihadist influence over the Muslims. “I think many Bosnians, two years before the war started, had no idea what jihad was. It was depicted on the black flag of the Mujahideen detachment, which would later become an al-Qaida unit. The slogan, 'Jihad is our way' was written on the wall by the road, two years before the war,” says Ninko.
What did Serbs face during this war?