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Serbia’s Choice

Serbia forced by the West to cut ties with Russia

The current political situation has made Serbia choose between upholding a friendly relationship with Russia or giving in to the West and imposing sanctions on Russia. And it seems people have made a choice. The wave of Russophobia that swept across the world has shocked Serbs. 'Russophobia also means Serbophobia,' says film director Emir Kusturitсa. He is convinced 'about 70-80% of Serbians are pro-Russian.' The brotherhood of the two Slavic countries promises to withstand the pressure of anti-Russian sanctions. In most cases, the ordinary people of Serbia are highly supportive of Russian politics and methods of negotiation.

However, Serbian politicians are not always on the same page as the people. After the last presidential elections, Serbia’s vote against Russia in the United Nations was an unexpected move. Serbian authorities claim there had been pressure from Europe. They’re also convinced Serbia will impose sanctions against Moscow. So the people may be For Russia, but it’s the politicians who decide.

'Anti-Russian sanctions are more symbolic than really useful,' adds Kusturitсa. Today Serbia is safe from the bombs, but it remembers all too well what happened when NATO came to our territory. What choice will the country make in the end?