Vyacheslav Guz

Vyacheslav Guz was born in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan. The town is famous for the nuclear test site nearby, where the first Soviet atomic bomb was tested. Vyacheslav’s career path in journalism started at Meat Giant, a factory’s in-house newspaper.

He graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in journalism and a specialisation in news writing. However, he was more into television journalism rather than newspapers. Since 1997, Vyacheslav has worked for several prominent TV channels, including the First Channel, TV-6 and REN TV.

During his time with RTD, Vyacheslav has written several dozen documentary films and programmes, most notably ‘RENAISSANCE. Is Europe witnessing a nationalist upsurge?’, ‘We Teach Life, Sir’, ‘We Love Gaza’, and ‘Last Wishes’.

“For me, documantary filmmaking is about trying to understand an ordinary person, my compatriot. What does he aspire to? What values does he share? Sometimes a conversation with an ordinary forester or fisherman helps me find answers to the eternal questions: what does time mean, and what’s the reason behind our life? It seems to me that every documentary is an attempt to answer these questions that humanity has for so long sought to answer, but remain unanswered”.

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