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Russian inventors contribute to victory, assembling essential weapons for the front

Kamikaze drones from Sayanogorsk, a reconnaissance plane from Perm, and cutting-edge UAVs from St. Petersburg—engineers all across Russia are assembling the crucial weapons required for the frontlines in Donbass. In Tambov, a production facility has been established in a bread factory. Today, combat drones are being assembled there. Factory employees raise funds and volunteer their free time to the drones production. Amateur engineer Yevgeny Biryukov from Sayanogorsk visited this factory to learn and set up a similar production back home. Currently, Yevgeny is putting together small batches of drones and personally delivers them to the frontlines in Lugansk. There, he trains soldiers on how to operate them. Tune in for our new documentary that showcases specialised drone training and the latest innovations from Russian inventors, yet to be launched into production.