A brave new world seen through digital eyes in RTD’s robots documentaries

No place is taking a bigger leap into new technology than China. The country has become the centre for hi-tech industry, and is often first to adopt new technologies. Two films in RTD’s series of robots documentaries highlight the progress. The Makers of Modern China introduces us to the next generation of inventors. Their imaginations are let loose to come up with ingenious ways to help us live and work more productively. Some of those inventions are put into practice in the film Shenzen: City of the Future. This hi-tech hub has become a breeding ground for new inventions and entrepreneurs. The city has become the ‘Silicon Valley’ of China, home to hybrid cars, and robotic rapid transit. A world away, in the slums of Bolivia, someone else has a hi-tech dream. In the film Roboboy, we meet Esteban Churata, who builds robots in his backyard. The teenager scours dump sites for bits and pieces to hand-build the robots that are controlled by a mobile phone. His passion for creating robots has become an inspiration for the people of his town. If these robots documentaries have whetted your appetite for more, then there is the continuing series of Technology Update films available to watch for stories about robotics and other innovations.

Robots documentaries
A still from Roboboy