At the cutting edge of tomorrow’s world with RTD’s technology documentaries

The ever-changing world of technology is given a spotlight in RTD’s series of films, Technology Update. From laser scalpels in dental surgery to the use of nanotechnology to improve the combat characteristics of advanced fighter jets, all of these and much more are explored in the Technology Update documentaries. Tanks: Born in Russia offers a behind-the-scenes look at the largest tank factory in the world. Here the latest technology is incorporated in Russian frontline battle tanks - we meet the men who build and repair them. Across the globe, in China, a technology revolution is underway. In the documentary The Makers of Modern China, we cross the country discovering the inventors and innovators who are spearheading the technology revolution. From Shanghai to Xi’an, the new breed of makers in China is adapting old traditional elements with the latest technology to create something for tomorrow’s world.

Technology documentaries