Introduction to Safe Digital Life | I am Hacked. Episode 1

We spend a lot of time online. We shop, conduct business, talk to friends - there's almost no limit to what we can do on the internet. Unfortunately, however, it also increased the opportunity for cyberattacks. Even if you're aware of risks, scams keep evolving. And as we embrace new technology, like self-driving cars and robot helpers, it adds additional cyber risk.

The first episode of I am Hacked features interviews with cyber security experts. They share basic rules on how to stay safe online and not fall victim to cybercrime.' It's not a matter of if it happens – it's a matter of when,' says security consultant Hadi Hosn.

How do hackers hack, and how to protect yourself online? What to know about the potential online threats? Find out in our new series and subscribe to RT Documentary for more episodes coming your way every Monday at 09:00 GMT.