I am Hacked

I am Hacked

We seem to spend most of our lives online. We work, shop, learn, talk to friends, upload, download, share and like all day long! Almost everything we do is online. It’s often convenient and can even be fun, but all that digital technology comes at a price. You might be surprised to know how easily you could be hacked. Learn how to stay safe online and avoid falling victim to cybercrime with RT Documentary’s latest series. Do you know the rules of digital hygiene? Find out about the many types of cybercrime and the latest developments in the digital world: ‘I am Hacked’. Don’t miss the premiere on November 8. A new episode is coming your way every Monday at 14:00 GMT (9:00 GMT).

If you use the same password for everything, after watching this series, you'll want to change them all... everywhere, wink-wink!

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