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Inside TikTok House

Life and art of a blogger commune

TikTok House is the film by RT Documentary, which takes a peek inside the creative hub for young people who live and generate content together. Each of them had a different story: German had an occasional role in the movies, Tim was a singer, Sasha was on her way to becoming a director. Some, like Igor, discovered TikTok fighting boredom during the COVID lockdown.

At some point, all of them started making videos for YouTube, and when they heard that a friendly neighbourhood TikTok House near them had openings, they sent their applications and got accepted. Both XO House in Moscow and Yourta House in Yakutia shoot content for TikTok and make reality shows that have become popular with subscribers who want to see more of the bloggers’ lives.

Eva, one of the residents of Moscow’s XO TikTok House, says she loves the idea her subscribers are growing with her, both literally and figuratively — she started blogging at around 14. In four years, her audience became older, too. According to Igor, many people are convinced bloggers at TikTok Houses are swimming in money, but in reality, it doesn’t happen that way, and generating A-grade content requires a lot of effort.

While some residents are thinking of getting a real job after the reality show is over, for others, like Tim, projects at the TikTok House became a stepping stone in his singing career. Valentina could reinvent herself from being an economist to becoming a photographer.

What does a day in a TikTok commune look like? Watch the documentary film and live it through with the heroes of the film.