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Inside TikTok House

Life and art of a blogger commune

XO TikTok House in Moscow brought together young aspiring bloggers in the hopes of raising their subscriber numbers, exchanging ideas and creating collective content. Coming from different backgrounds, each of them brought something. TikTok House hosts Marie Senn, an established blogger, and German Chernykh, who had an acting job at the time, started in an office later expanded to a real house.

They picked residents for their projects and even shot a reality show. They say their main goal is to discover talent and help them use their creative potential. The TikTok House idea is not limited to the Russian capital. Young people in Yakutia created their version, and it’s just as prolific as its Moscow counterpart. But, the bloggers’ lives are surrounded by rumour, stories of their lives together, and all the money they earn. Which of those rumours are true?