Your Digital Footprint | I am Hacked. Episode 3

Every time you go online, you leave a digital trail. Your geotags, Instagram photos, Facebook posts are ‘breadcrumbs’ that make up your digital identity. Unfortunately, even the little snippets of your personal info can help scammers tailor an attack specifically against you. If you take a carefree approach to your internet safety, be aware that you might be used ‘as a means rather than an end’, security experts warn. For example, fraudsters may target your company or family members vulnerable to cyber attacks.

In episode 3 of I am Hacked, cybersecurity experts reveal how easy it is to expose personal details to a stranger in an experiment. Participants tap into the psychological tricks behind scams and learn why they shouldn’t ignore strong passwords. Find out about the best-known frauds and new dangerous ways hackers extort money from users.