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Notes from an American in Donbass

A Trip to Donbass sparked an epiphany for an American journalist

"If I die in the [special operation] zone remember that an American journalist was killed by American weapons being used on civilians!" This statement was posted by independent journalist Tofurious Maximus Crane from the United States as he headed to Donetsk to witness events in Donbass first-hand. On his very first day in Donetsk, Tofurious found himself under shelling on a street with no military targets or soldiers. What surprised him the most was the calmness of the residents – for the past 9 years, shelling had become a terrifying routine for them. He also witnessed the destruction of residential areas, where Ukrainian soldiers sought refuge in the apartments of civilians. Having experienced first-hand what it's like for civilians to be constantly in the crosshairs of Ukrainian nationalists, Tofurious couldn't contain his emotions. Why is this conflict portrayed so differently in his home country?