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Marriage Scammer: Till Cash Do Us Part

He duped 35 women, but one became his karma

Alina Milennaya, a resident of Volgograd, Russia, found herself on an unexpected journey when she encountered a charismatic man named Igor Belov on a dating app. Seduced by his promises of a joyful future, she sold her apartment and car in anticipation of their wedding. However, when the big day arrived, Igor was nowhere to be found. It was revealed that he was, in fact, Dmitry Frolov, a notorious marriage scammer with numerous aliases and countless victims. Despite the heartbreak and betrayal, Alina refused to give up. Alongside other victims of Frolov's deceit, she started her own inquiry. Their efforts led to Frolov's arrest in February 2023. The documentary follows how they finally succeeded in bringing the scammer to justice.