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Crocus: Strength through Pain

Survivors trapped with terrorists in burning building share their rescue story

On March 22, 2024, Svetlana Sheremet came to the concert with her family. The show was about to start when Svetlana's son said, 'Mum, it's gunshots.' As the terrorists opened fire on defenceless people, the family narrowly escaped from the concert hall. Svetlana's son's legs gave out, and a man carried him out of the burning building.

“Everyone who could help did so. Those who smashed through the walls to get to the roof, those who tried to break down the doors, and those who steered people away when gunshots were fired outside the door,” says Oleg Ukolov, an eyewitness of the Crocus City Hall tragedy. Watch the documentary to discover how amidst this harrowing ordeal, people united, offering support to one another.