12 Shocking documentaries about the abuse of women and children you must watch!!!

RTD’s abuse documentaries let survivors and advocates tell their shocking stories of exploitation and cruelty around the world. Child abuse can mean taking children out of school and exposing them to toxic chemicals as in India’s mica extraction industry. It can also combine child labour and sexual abuse, as is the case for Indonesia’s Gemblaks, boys who become the servants of holy dancers, but sometimes also their sex slaves.

Abuse documentaries
Many girls ended up working as prostitutes to earn desperately needed money, but then find they don’t have the means to escape from an occupation they find disgusting.

RTD’s abuse documentaries also investigate violence against women, be it domestic violence from intimate partners in Russia to forced prostitution to supply demand fuelled by the fracking boom in the United States. Meanwhile, migrants, such as the young who resort to prostitution in Athens to survive, are particularly vulnerable to sexual exploitation due to their unprotected legal status.