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Voodoo, Money and Sex Slaves

Nigerian girls sold into sex slavery

RT Documentary’s Voodoo, Money, and Sex Slaves explores the heinous practice of human trafficking, as young girls in Nigeria are lured to Europe with promises of jobs and a bright future but end up becoming sex slaves. The situation is aggravated because of the voodoo oath that binds them. Something they deem even stronger than a contract. The girls say breaking the oath and leaving would kill them.

The problem was discovered when Dutch police realised girls coming to Europe from Africa were disappearing from refugee reception centres. About 140 girls vanished without a trace. Soon they came across a criminal organisation responsible for trafficking the girls from Nigeria into Europe and then spreading them out over the continent.

There was also a front organisation in Nigeria, which worked as a travel agency. They were in charge of bringing the girls to the plane. Once they were on the plane, the girls surrendered their passports to the criminals. When they arrived in the Netherlands, they didn’t have any papers and asked for asylum.

What happened to the girls, how this business functioned and what part voodoo oaths played in this scenario — watch in our film.