Natalya Kadyrova

Nothing is more exciting than making a documentary: it combines an amazing mixture of luck, craftsmanship and the ability to see life as it really is.

I graduated from Novosibirsk State University's faculty of journalism and majored in documentary filmmaking at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK).

Before joining RT Doc I worked as a freelance scriptwriter and director for the federal Russian TV channels, making over 60 docs. I believe that a good film not only reflects life, but can influence the future. For example, in 2012 RT Documentary broadcast "Brides By Force", a film about the kidnapping of young women for marriage in Kyrgyzstan. The repercussions in Kyrgyz society were such that the law was reformed – kidnappers are now subject to 10-year prison sentences. Another film "Anatomy Of Love" (2012), changed the life of a child born in prison and had a huge impact on society. Human stories are what motivate me. 

My favourite films are “Leave these Kids Alone”, “The Congo Dandies”, “Antarctica: Ready for Winter”, “H2WOE” and “China's Digital Detox”

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