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On Deck, Offline

Cadets take a voyage of self-discovery aboard the legendary tall ship, Kruzenshtern

All aboard! One of the largest sailing ships in the world, the legendary Kruzenshtern sets sail to take cadets from the Baltic State Fishing Fleet Academy on their first big voyage. A group of young men and one girl spend two months gaining hands-on experience under sail.

The voyage about more than just learning the ropes, it also gives the future sailors a real life-lesson. It's the first time many of the crew have been away from home for so long. The trainees have to work as a team, communicating face-to-face, overcoming fears and learning about themselves aboard the 1926 sailing ship.

RTD’s Natalya Kadyrova follows the cadets on their voyage as they master new seafaring arts and navigate the North Sea in the famous Tall Ships Race. The young sailors share their hopes and dreams and finally decide whether or not they're genuinely in love with the sea.

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