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Unbroken in Syria

Syrian veterans seeing past their injuries to a better life

The seemingly endless war in Syria has claimed hundreds and thousands of lives and left millions injured. There are many Syrian Army soldiers among the casualties. For severely wounded servicemen, life changed forever after sacrificing both limbs and health in battle. Now they must return to civilian life, try to fit in, find a job and provide for their families.

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RT Doc meets former servicemen determined not to allow their injuries hold them back in life. Taxi driver Somar Fauzi Al Amuri lost an arm and leg in an explosion. Even so, he sat behind the wheel as soon as he was discharged from hospital. Despite being unable to walk, shop keeper Maisam Majed Al Jerdi runs his own business. The city is far from being a disabled friendly place.

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Instead of raging against their fate, because so many fellow soldiers died in battle, they think of themselves as the fortunate few. Survivors support each other and try hard to stay positive about the future. They say their bodies may be damaged but their spirit remains strong. Despite all odds, they soldier on, determined to live life to the full.

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