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My Friend From War

Volleyball helps soldier live through trauma

Rami was drafted to the Syrian army 10 years ago, and he remembers those peaceful days and having fun during the preparation for military service. These young soldiers never knew the atrocities of real combat, and when the war broke out it hit them hard. The war changed everything. Soldiers weren’t prepared to face terrorists and to experience losing people in the war. Rami lost almost all of his friends and witnessed terrible things on the frontlines.

Searching for support Rami found his own way to power through. He made a new friend, Willy. Willy cannot die on the frontline as it is a simple ball. “I have a trust issue, I think. Because, you know, I usually trusted my friends, but when they passed away, I was like, I'm not gonna trust anyone. I feel they betrayed me when they've gone. So I don't want a new betrayal. Why [do] I trust Willy? Because he stayed till now with me. Because Willy became part of me and I became part of him”, says Rami.

In the documentary, Rami describes how talking to Willy helped him to survive the war and why he believes that all people in the world have their own Willy.