20 hard-hitting Arab Spring documentaries highlight what the Western media won't show you

RTD’s Arab Spring documentaries offer unparalleled coverage of the controversial uprising that turned the Middle East upside down. They look into the causes of the initial popular revolt in Tunisia, and its spread throughout the Arab world. The films focus on the sometimes inconvenient victims of the turmoil, such as the Coptic minority which became a target of atrocities during the Arab Spring in Egypt.

Arab Spring documentaries
Children have been the biggest victims of the Syrian war triggered by the Arab Spring uprising.

RTD’s Arab Spring documentaries investigate the bloody aftermath of the uprising in Libya and Syria. RTD crews have unrivalled access to ordinary Syrians, from children to artists, but also conscripts and local journalists, coping with the war triggered by the Arab Spring. Our films also uncover uncomfortable truths about the refugee crisis from Lebanon to Europe, as people flee war-torn countries, hearing all sides of the story in what has become an unsolvable human tragedy.