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'We're Fighting the World's Evil'

Kadyrov’s right-hand man in Ukraine, on the special operation and neo-Nazis

Daniil Martynov, an aide to Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov’s power unit, is dubbed by the mass media as the ‘toughest Russian in Chechnya’. He’s fighting in the Ukraine special operation as one of the commanders of Chechen divisions. The Chechen Republic military has taken part in all the significant actions, so Daniil has vast experience to share.

According to Martynov, Kiev nationalist propaganda drugs and scares Ukrainian soldiers to force them onto the battlefield. On every captured roadblock, Daniil finds unlimited dope and NATO equipment. Most Ukrainian prisoners of war say they were persuaded Russia intended to murder them all. Yet, when captured or surrendered, these people were truly surprised by the humane attitude of Russian soldiers.

Daniil speaks about civilians, who were scared of the Chechens at first, but changed their minds when provided with aid and supplies. He claimed that Russians never started fights in populated areas and stayed away from civilians, unlike the Ukrainian nationalists, who used ordinary people as human shields.