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War Correspondents

Reporting from the Donbass hot zone

Everyday war correspondents travel to the most dangerous zones of Donbass. Though journalists have no military education, it’s vital to understand how to behave under shelling and be familiar with weapons. “Journalist are priority SBU targets. I was put on their wanted list, and they’re looking for me officially. They've collected data for Interpol. It’s clearly absurd, but that's the reality now”, says reporter Evgeny Poddubny, who has been covering the events in Donbass since 2014.

For Evgeny and his colleagues reporting the true story is more than just a job; they must be ready to perform their task under the harshest conditions. Journalists often have to sleep in the streets and take turns guarding each other. They cannot stay at hotels as Ukrainian missiles regularly strike these buildings though they house civilians and journalists.

What motivates reporters to choose a job that can get them killed?