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Voices from the Grave

Mass graves in liberated villages of Donbass reveal Ukrainian war crimes

Only 20 out of 56 patients survived in the village of Staraya Krasnyanka, near Kremennaya, Lugansk People's Republic. Ukrainian soldiers established MG firing positions inside the building, firing from floors and stairways, thus, preventing the safe evacuation of patients. The area around the nursing home was also heavily mined. When Ukrainian combat vehicles loaded with shells exploded, dozens of elderly and disabled patients, many of them bedridden, were trapped inside the building. 'It's hard to imagine the agony they went through,' said an activist involved in exhuming the victims of the war crimes, perpetrated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Since February 2022, the volunteer team has been properly reburying civilian remains. They also help to search for and identify fallen soldiers, in order to return their remains to their families. The documentary compiles survivor testimonies and evidences that exposes Ukrainian war crimes, and ensure that they are not covered up.