Top 5 religion documentaries highlight the faith people have in their god

No matter what a person’s belief, they all share a faith in something otherworldly. The religion followed maybe thousands of years old, or one that is relatively new and untested. Those who believe are willing to put their faith in the intangible for what they hope will be spiritual uplift.

1. Searching for a Miracle

Buddhism is an official religion in Russia, and the temples at Ivolginsky Datsan in eastern Siberia are revered worldwide. The film Searching for a Miracle investigates the apparent miracle surrounding the body of Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov. Despite having died in 1927, his body is still perfectly preserved in a wooden box. Buddhist faithful come from all over in pilgrimage to the temple looking for their miracle.

2.Children of the Schism

The documentary Children of the Schism follows the return of Old Believers to Russia. The Old Believers followed a strict form of Eastern Orthodoxy and left their motherland because of earlier persecution. Now they have returned and are having to come to terms with modern Russian society.

3. The Way of the Cross

The Arab Spring and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East have put pressure on Egypt’s Coptic Christians. Churches have been set on fire, and Christians murdered in clashes with extremists. The film The Way of the Cross examines the plight of Coptic Christians, who make up about a tenth of the Egyptian population, and what fate they have in store.

4. Sacred Road

The documentary Sacred Road follows Orthodox believers on one of the longest pilgrimages in the world. Over at least five days, 40,000 pilgrims walk 160 kilometres following an icon of Saint Nikolay, the wonder worker, on what is known as the Velikoretsky Procession of the Cross. Along the way, we get a chance to meet the devotees and share their stories.

5. Madman of the Cathedral

A former monk had a dream 60 years ago to build his own cathedral, and he’s been at it ever since. Don Justo is now 91, and he’s still enthused by his creation made from recycled materials and scrap. The film Madman of the Cathedral charts his progress, the people who help him, and the curious visitors eager to see one man’s work for the love of God.