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How I Changed My Sex

Transgender athlete finds acceptance on women’s football team

Erica Meacham is a transgender football player with the Oregon Hawks. When Erica was 16, she was caught crossdressing and her family ‘overreacted’. Erica was subjected to ‘a form of mild conversion therapy’. But she found an escape in football. When she finally changed her sex, she started playing in the women’s category.

Some critics say Erica and other transgender athletes have a biological advantage. However, Erica denies these claims. She says she’s had to train even harder since the sex change because taking estrogen has affected her athletic performance.

While seeing a transgender player on a women’s team raises a few eyebrows among football fans, Erica’s coach says she brings ‘physicality’ to the game. However, for Erica, playing football is not about dominating, but being able to compete.

Check out Erica’s story about transitioning and finding acceptance in sports in our new video.