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Russian pianist sacrificed his fame to help disabled children become musicians

Music was pianist Vladislav Teterin’s greatest passion. He pursued an extremely successful career and gave concerts all around the world. During one of his tours, in Japan, he was approached by a group of disabled children who wanted to sing for him. This encounter was a life-changing experience for Vladislav Teterin. When he returned to Russia, he started the 'World of Art' foundation to help give disabled children with musical talent the chance to fulfil their potential.

Music still plays a central part in his life, but he re-assessed his priorities: now, instead of pursuing his own career in music, he concentrates on helping young disabled performers to access proper training and launch their careers on the big stage. He uses music to make a difference in the lives of others.

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For almost two decades now, his foundation has been looking for talented disabled children, both in Russia and abroad, to give them the opportunity to develop their musical abilities. It is one of the most pioneering artistic and educational schemes in Russia. It has changed the lives of thousands of kids, as well as perceptions of what children with disabilities can do.

The young musicians and singers in Teterin’s orchestra work hard to achieve a high standard of performance. They give concerts regularly and occasionally perform with internationally famous singers. Despite problems posed by their disabilities, they are committed to an intense practice regime and constantly work towards perfecting their art. Music is their true passion and a chance to make their lives what they want them to be.

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Vladislav Teterin admires his young pupils’ determination and dedication to music. Their energy and positive attitude is a source of wonder to him. He believes these children have a lot to teach him and he takes their successes and their struggles very close to heart.