Hard-hitting Italy documentaries give the real reasons why Italians are saying ‘Basta!’

RTD’s Italy documentaries and TV shows give Italians the opportunity to speak out about the challenges their country is facing. Local inhabitants of the island of Lampedusa, which has been overwhelmed by the hundreds of thousands of African migrants that have washed up on its shores, get to speak their minds about the European migrant crisis and the limits to their compassion. Ordinary people are rising up against the eco-mafia dumping toxic waste around the idyllic Campania countryside, leading to an explosion of childhood cancers. One Italian activist denounces the military alliance her country has signed up to – NATO – highlighting the crimes the supposedly defensive pact has committed around the world. And politicians such as former PM Matteo Renzi open up about the challenges of governing a country whose political system is maybe too complicated.

Italy documentaries
Many Italians are fed up with their government implementing policies decided outside their country, be it NATO bombings or EU rules on asylum.