Top 3 Palestinian documentaries exploring the struggle for independence

Since the foundation of the state of Israel, displaced Palestinians have been fighting over the same ground for their homeland. In this series of powerful Palestinian documentaries, RTD looks at how the Palestinians use cunning and culture to fight for what they believe in. Here are the top 3 documentaries you shouldn’t miss:

1. Seeking Recognition: Palestine

In the documentary Seeking Recognition, we look at how the splintered Palestinian Authority is trying to bridge the divide between the West Bank and Gaza, at the same time countering the encroachment of Israeli settlements. The film examines the history of the conflict, and how Palestinians today are adopting new ways to bring their grievances to a broader audience.

2. The People of Israel vs. Ahed Tamimi

Young Palestinians are using methods of civil disobedience to bring attention to the zealous Israeli security forces. In the documentary The People of Israel vs. Ahed Tamimi, we look at the campaign of provocation by teenager Ahed Tamimi, and how it is seen by Palestinians and Israelis. We talk to her family, supporters, and detractors.

3. Longing for Palestine: The Art of Resistance

The Palestinian fight for independence crosses cultural boundaries as well. The pen, brush, and voice are all used to bring the Palestinian cause to a wider artistic public. The film Longing for Palestine: The Art of Resistance, explores how young Palestinians are using the detritus of war to create works of art, and how the struggle is influencing their creativity.

There are even more enthralling Palestinian documentaries on the website