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Longing for Palestine: Art of Resistance

Palestinians turn instruments of death into installations, graffiti, and rap

Water shortages, movement restrictions, and a constant military presence – this is what life looks like for millions of Palestinians living in the occupied territories. For decades, Israel has controlled the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, expanding its settlements and maintaining a blockade. 

Children there grow up amid demonstrations and clashes with the Israeli army, learning first-hand about tear gas and force. Despite risking their lives and liberty, generations of Palestinians continue to protest and stand up for the right to return to what is now Israel. 

RTD’s Marina Kosareva travels to the West Bank and Gaza to meet the people of the Palestinian resistance, from prominent campaigners to activists who express their anger and pain through drawing, dance, hip-hop and sport. 

We talk to the Tamimi family who’s been at the forefront of regular protests in their native village of Nabi Saleh. Ahed Tamimi, who turned into a national hero, speaks about her imprisonment and plans, while her father, Bassem, and cousin, Janna Jihad, explain why women play an essential role in the resistance movement. 

We meet graffiti artists who adorn the West Bank separation wall with images of Razan Najjar and Ahed Tamimi, as well as Ahmad Yaseen who uses cactus pads as a canvas to depict the Palestinian struggle. Meantime in Gaza, we visit an artist who creates miniatures from bullet cases and speak to local footballers with one leg who play on crutches. They hope to form a team to represent the Palestinian nation abroad.

RTD also hears from Palestinians who oppose demonstrations which usually end in scores of injured and killed and speaks to the Israelis living in fear on the other side of the border.