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No Woman, No Crime

Israeli men legally harassed by women

Israel, women fought long and hard for equal rights and have achieved success, they work, climb the career ladder and serve in the army, just like men. They also have strict laws protecting them from domestic violence and abuse. Many Israeli men though worry that the pendulum has swung too far and that what started as equality, is rapidly turning into all out repression.

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The main complaint from Israeli men is the fear that too many women are using accusations of sexual harassment and even attempted rape as an instrument of manipulation and intimidation. If a woman makes false accusations of sexual assault, it’s up to the man to prove it’s not true.  Accuse a man of theft and you have to prove it, accuse him of rape and there’s no presumption of innocence. A woman who fabricates such allegations faces no legal repercussions, and so risks nothing, while a man’s life and reputation could be irrevocably destroyed.

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RT Doc meets Israeli men who have been victimised by malicious falsehood. The accusers may be total strangers or former partners but these men learned the hard way that innocence alone is not always a defence. Even though the laws may have been designed to promote equality, there will always be people willing and eager to take advantage.  Lady Justice is meant to be blind but in Israel, she’s no stranger to female solidarity!