Top 5 legal documentaries discover the effects of controversial laws around the world

All over the world, the law can uphold rights in one country and take them away in another. RTD has a powerful series of documentaries uncovering some of the injustices done in the name of the law. These are the top 5 legal documentaries you shouldn’t miss:

1. Project Duterte

The anti-drugs campaign launched by President Duterte in the Philippines is highly controversial. RTD’s ‘Project Duterte’ investigates the death squads meting out vigilante justice to drug dealers. Squad members claim they are government-sanctioned, which has led to virtual anarchy in some parts of the country.

2. No Woman, No Crime

The scales of equality have moved too far, according to Israeli men. ‘No Woman, No Crime’ looks at how laws to ensure women’s safety at home and in the workplace could have become repressive against men. Israeli men fear legal safeguards against sexual harassment and rape are now being used as a weapon against them, as there is no penalty for false accusations.

3. Reaping Divine Justice

Proposed land reforms in South Africa threaten the delicate balance between white and black citizens. In ‘Reaping Divine Justice’ RTD examines the issue of land ownership in South Africa, where more than 70% is owned by white people. Black activists want to see expropriation, which is allowing old animosities to resurface in a country with a horrible history of persecution.

4. Undermined

Bolivia is the only country in the world to legalise child labour. ‘Undermined’ examines the consequences of allowing children as young as 10 to work and become the family breadwinner. As the government tried to outlaw child labour, the kids rebelled, with street protests calling for their right to work at such a young age.

5. Tolerance Du Voyage

France has a vibrant travelling gypsy community. More than 150,000 continue a nomadic way of life. However, new fines for illegal parking may bring that to an end. ‘Tolerance du Voyage’ explores the threats to a traditional way of life of the French gypsy community.

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