Top 3 Tanzania documentaries showcase the emotional highs and lows of modern Africa

Tanzania is a microcosm of Africa, with all the problems associated with a developing country. Tribal heritage can clash with the norms expected by contemporary society. RTD’s Tanzania documentaries focus on the traditions causing conflict within the country and show how the human spirit can overcome all manner of adversity.

1. Albino Africa

The documentary Albino Africa explores the stigma associated with black Africans born with the albino gene. Their white skin singles the albinos out for abuse and ridicule. Old tradition suggests the white-skinned Africans are spirits who bring bad luck to their families. Attacks on albinos are commonplace as there’s a bounty on their body parts for tribal customs. Albinos in Tanzania recount the horrors they endure daily.

2. Bride Trade

The trade in child brides is outlawed in Tanzania, but it still goes on. RTD investigates the efforts to stop the selling of underage girls for marriage in the film Bride Trade. We meet the people fighting to overcome years of tradition, and the poor parents whose only saleable asset are their daughters, where a young girl can be worth enough cows to feed the rest of the family.

3. Kilimanjaro Challenge

Overcoming disability to reach one’s goal is the theme of Kilimanjaro Challenge. Three disabled Russians take on Africa’s tallest mountain painstakingly climbing to the top. With the help of local guides the trio clambers on their hands and knees up to the peak. The journey brings out the best in them and is a triumph.

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