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Children of Donbass

Growing up under Ukrainian artillery fire

For eight years the children of Donbass have lived under Ukrainian fire, separated from their parents and robbed of their childhood. “When children play in the evening, and there is shelling, they can already tell when the shelling is farther away and when it is closer. Some shout: 'It's not us they're shelling now, it's further away! In Donetsky, Artyom Street is being shelled.' Well, we're getting used to it,” says one of the residents. Children recognise the sound of shelling and know when to run to the basements. But it is not always possible to outrun the shells, and the death of children has become all too commonplace in Donbass. Many of them had to grow up quickly when they lost ther parents to the bombings. Some had no close relatives or friends to go to and ended up in orphanages, learning to live and deal with their trauma on their own. Their stories — in the new documentary