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No Brakes, No Fear

The hottest Speedway riders show why theirs is the coolest sport

The hard man’s version of Speedway is on ice. It’s not just racing around a circuit on a motorcycle with no brakes. It’s doing it on ice, with two-gear motorbikes sporting spiked tires for grip. Inevitably, there are clashes with dramatic consequences.

In search of the recipe for ice racing success, RTD follows veteran racers to the Individual European Ice Speedway Championship final in Vyatsie Polyana, Russia. Father of four, Tomi Kirilov, a Finnish truck driver, has a thirty-hour ride with his mechanic friends to get to the meet. Reigning vice-champion, Edik Krysov prepares a track on a frozen lake for some last-minute practice. On the big day, the riders are faced with distracting temptations, bellicose competitors and the luck of the line-up. So, when falling off is so easy, who will stay the course?

Ice Speedway riders
In ice speedway, motorcyclists race on icy tracks without brakes.