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Sailing Seven Seas

Siberian Guys Circumnavigated the Globe in a Catamaran

Film Premiere on rtd.rt.com on May 21, 14-00 GMT

Breathtaking tropical sunsets and the feeling of unity with the universe is what lures adventurous souls to sail the seas. But allure and adrenaline are just the cherry on top of drama-filled crossings, shortages of freshwater, deadly mast-shattering storms, shark encounters and the bouts of cabin fever that make one question one’s sanity.

The idea to embark on a cruise around the world in an inflatable catamaran first occurred to Anatoly Kulik, who designed the vessel and its skipper. Having set sail from Phuket, Thailand, the fearless crew of explorers from Siberia documented their 13-month voyage around the globe filled with trials and joys, exotic lands and wondrous encounters.